Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elevator Pitch No. 4

1) The pitch.

2) A reflection on the feedback you received from your last pitch. 
I got a mostly positive feedback from my last elevator pitch. Someone did point that I should act more excited in my pitch, and I agree. Another comment was that my business plan could go viral if advertised in the right place.

3) What did you change, based on the feedback?
Based on my feedback, I tried to act more excited in my pitch since that was the advise I got. This was my only negative feedback.

Final Reflection

I had a rollercoaster in this wonderful class called Principles of Entrepreneurship. The most memorable experience I had in this class is the customer interview assignment. I never interviewed random people in my life, and I was concerned about my safety. I’m glad I did the interviews because entrepreneurship is about getting your business out there, and you can’t be shy. I think my most proud moment will be finally finishing all the assignments because I know I went through the course and completed the assignments without quitting. There are many assignments in this course, and it would have been so easy to drop out and say I have assignments from other courses to do as well.

Almost completing the class, I don’t think I see myself as an entrepreneur, but I have learned a tremendous amount about what being an entrepreneur is like. I definitely think I have moved further to an entrepreneur mindset. I don’t see myself as entrepreneur because I believe it takes more than a class to be an entrepreneur. I have an insight into the entrepreneurship world, but I don’t feel like one as yet. Like Anna Kaupe said, entrepreneurs get little rest and work right around the clock to make sure their product(s) is successful. There may even be large sums of money that can be lost with a bad deal.

To future students, I would recommend staying on top of tasks and not waiting last minute to do the assignments. Some assignments may take more time than others. To foster the entrepreneurial mindset, I recommend they enjoy the class and try to learn the most from the assignments. I also think they should watch the class lectures because there were amazing entrepreneurs on there that taught me so much about the life of an entrepreneur. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 15 Reading Reflection

1) What was the biggest surprise for you in the reading? In other words, what did you read that stood out the most as different from your expectations? 
I learned so much about microfinance by reading this article. I was always interested in learning about microfinance, and this article gave me an insight on what getting involved in microfinance is like. The biggest surprise to me was how quickly villagers were able convert the borrowed money into profits to provide for their family.

2) Identify at least one part of the reading that was confusing to you.
I actually wasn’t confused about any part of the reading. I understood everything pretty well.

3) If you were able to ask two questions to the author, what would you ask? Why?
If I can ask two questions to the author, I would ask ‘how difficult was it to start your business in another country like India?’ and ‘what happens if the borrower can’t repay the loan?’ I would ask these questions because the answers to the questions would help me better understand the role of microfinance.

4) Was there anything you think the author was wrong about? Where do you disagree with what she or he said? How?
No, I don’t think the author is wrong about anything.