Friday, April 8, 2016

Celebrating Failure

I haven’t failed many times this semester, but I did have trouble with the exams in one of my classes. I studied hard for the first exam and didn’t do very well. The second exam I tried a different strategy of studying, and still didn’t achieve the results I wanted. In fact, I did worse than the first time. I learned from doing poorly in my test that sometimes you think you’re prepared for the exam, but you have to study more efficiently or study information that you didn’t think was going to be on the test. 

I usually don’t handle failure very well. I like to win, and I think this comes from playing sports from a young age. When I got the results from my first and second exams, I was very disappointed in myself. I wanted to take the exams over but couldn’t. I’ve been working on handling failure, trying not to stress about the situation, and have been improving my emotional reaction to it.

This class has changed my perspective on failure because it has shown me that failure as an entrepreneur is completely normal. I liked seeing entrepreneurs’ interviews where they admitted that they made mistakes in the past but are succeeding now because of their diligence. Those interviews made me feel better about my failures in life. They taught me that everything does not have to go perfectly in life. I am more likely to take a risk since taking this course because I know if I fail, it is not the end of the world. I can dust the dirt off and move onto the next venture.


  1. Hello Arielle, I can honestly relate with you on the whole "Handling Failure" thing. I think it's important to try to focus on the positive on hard times of failure, so it's great to hear that you see yourself doing a better job at handling failure.

  2. hi Arielle! I feel the same way. While I'm taking an exam I always feel so frustrated and I wished that I had studied more and learned the information before hand. I've wished many many times for just one more day to study, but then I realized that no matter what day the exam fell on, I would always procrastinate so that I still needed one more day to study. I need to change my study habits as well, and I do not like to fail either. Check out my post!