Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 12 Reading Reflection

1) What was the biggest surprise for you in the reading? In other words, what did you read that stood out the most as different from your expectations? 
I learned many business definitions from this chapter. The part of the chapter that surprised me the most is the different aspects of the growth stage in venture development. I was very informed while reading about the growth wall.

2) Identify at least one part of the reading that was confusing to you.
There wasn’t any part of the chapter that really confused me.

3) If you were able to ask two questions to the author, what would you ask? Why?
I would ask the author ‘how to strategic plan for a new business?’ and ‘can he go into more detail about what is strategic positioning?’ I would ask these questions because he mentions strategic planning and positioning in the book, but doesn’t go into much detail.

4) Was there anything you think the author was wrong about? Where do you disagree with what she or he said? How?
No, I don’t think the author was wrong about anything.

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