Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 11 Reading Reflection

1) What was the biggest surprise for you in the reading? In other words, what did you read that stood out the most as different from your expectations? 
Nothing surprised me while reading the article.

2) Identify at least one part of the reading that was confusing to you.
There were many confusing word usages in this article. I felt like I was reading business jargons that I didn’t understand. I’m guessing it’s just the way the author chose to write the article. After all, he is a Harvard professor.

3) If you were able to ask two questions to the author, what would you ask? Why?
I would ask the author “how important is innovation to the success of a business?” I would ask this because I think the Harvard professor will know the answer to this question, and I am curious because I want to know how crucial innovation is to a typical business. Another question I would ask is “how difficult is it to create an innovation strategy?” In the article he describes the innovation strategy to be really beneficial to the company, but it seems difficult to match the innovation strategy to the business strategy. I want to know his take on this.

4) Was there anything you think the author was wrong about? Where do you disagree with what she or he said? How?
No, there wasn’t anything I think the author was wrong about.

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