Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Elevator Pitch No. 3

1) The pitch.

2) A reflection on the feedback you received from your last pitch. 
The last time I did the elevator pitch many students said that I should improve my business plan because they didn’t think I had a competitive advantage over competitors. Some pointed out the confusion with the alpha sizing system since no one had really heard of that term before. Someone also pointed out that I should practice my pitch more before saying it on camera. I think all feedback I received was important.

3) What did you change, based on the feedback?
Based on my feedback from the last pitch, I changed my whole business plan to make it simpler and more competitive. I chose a business plan that is unique and narrowed my market segment. I also tried to improve the flow of my elevator pitch by not using a cheat sheet.


  1. Hey Arielle! I really like your idea for your business! I think that this has a lot of potential to make a lot of money some day. I really like what you did with the improvements you made from your last elevator pitch! Definitely don't give up on this dream because I personally think that a lot of people would benefit from what you are offering! Check out my blog:

  2. This is a very important concept, and I think it would be very popular. It would also be easy to advertise online; it is something that is likely to go viral if posted in the right places, such as Tumblr. I thought your pitch was very concise and understandable. Maybe you can be a little more excited through the use of tone or body language, but I had trouble with that too. My post is here: