Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Secret Sauce

1) Describe five ways in which you think you have human capital that is truly unique.

a) I am a diligent worker at both school and my job. I always strive to do my best and reach the deadlines set for me by my teachers or supervisors.
b) I am able to relate to others and make people feel comfortable. For example, I don’t judge people just because they are of a different background or different social class from me.
c) I have knowledge of many different topics and have many passions. I do well academically and keep myself up-to-date with many situations that occur worldwide.
d) I have the ability to be durable and survive any obstacle that comes my way. This comes in handy when dealing with difficult situations that may occur in my job or at school.
e) I am not an emotional person. While some may consider that a cold trait, it can be beneficial in the workplace where you can’t take things personally. You also can’t get flustered if things are going wrong. Because I am tough emotionally, this can help me maneuver around the workplace easier.

2) Interview the five people who know you the best.

1) This interviewee seems to think my human capital consists of my diligence, kind heart, and creativity. A key takeaway from this discussion is that my nice personality can contribute to my human capital.

2) This interviewee says my human capital includes my independence and hard work. The takeaway I got from this interview is my skill set is more developed than I thought. She pointed out that my ability to carry out a task independently is a great skill of mine.

3) The third interviewee admires my hard work and thinks it is part of my human capital. The takeaway from this interview is that my hard work is a great strategy for me to reach the top.

4) I got a great amount of information from this interview. The interviewee thinks my ambition and broad knowledge are important qualities that I possess. I took away from this interview that I have many more skills than I thought.

5) This interviewee pointed out that my ability to multitask while focusing on my academics is impressive. The takeaway I got from this interview is that I have a great personality that would work great with any sales job. 

3) Reflect on the differences.

Many of the responses I got were similar to each other. Most of the interviewers said my hard work sets me apart from my peers and is a huge part of my human capital. I also stated that on the list of my human capital. That’s mostly what the interviewees focused on. I was happy when one interviewee mentioned my wide range of knowledge because of my interest in different topics which was also on my list. Another person also noted that my great personality and ability to make people feel comfortable is a trait that I possess. I think the people closest to me say I am hard working and don’t mention my other attributes because they see me working all the time and that is the only thing they can take away that makes me different. My diligence is one of my prominent traits that makes me stand out to others. I think the interviewees are correct about my human capital because I am indeed hard working, and because of that I wouldn’t make any corrections to the list.


  1. Hi Arielle,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very well-written and extremely organized. This was definitely one of the best posts I have seen so far. I enjoyed listening to your recordings. You have a lot of traits that will help you start and run a successful business. I think a very important trait than an interviewee pointed out is multitasking. That is a trait that we all need in order to run a business. When you get a chance, take a look at my blog. Here is the link:
    I didn't get a chance to complete this specific exercise, but you can check out my other posts and send some feedback if you want. Thanks and good luck in the class!

  2. Hey, your post is very interesting. You have a diverse skill set. What makes someone a diligent worker? I like the list but I feel as though human capital has to be unique. Something you are that others cannot be. Interviews seem very similar. Here is mine:

  3. Hi Arielle,
    Wow I really enjoyed your post! It seems like your friends really do know who you are and what makes you so individualistic! I also liked how one of your interviewee's pointed out about multitasking! That is an extremely smart trait to have and I bet that helps you out in many ways in your life. Check out mine when you have a chance?