Friday, March 25, 2016

Amazon Whisperer

My current revenue driver for Tailored is sales from my services of having customers’ clothes made according to their measurements. This is the only revenue driver for Tailored at the moment. A product venture that would complement my services is to offer customers high-tech sewing machines. These sewing machines would target people that like to sew and are into fashion as well. I plan to make sewing more appealing to the younger generation who is not really interested in learning how to sew like older generations, and instead of trying to fix unraveled thread buy new clothes. I think this product will enhance my services because if there is a problem with the garment or the customer want to alter it, he/she can repair the garment using the sewing machine. The customer switching cost would not increase. In fact, I am going to strive to make my sewing machine much cheaper than competing computerized sewing machines. I would hope this increases customer loyalty, and causes more traffic in store and online. 

I went to Amazon to see if it had a similar product to the one I want to produce, and I found this.

This is a computerized sewing machine from the Brother brand and is one of their Project Runway editions. Brother sewing machines are known for having a high quality, and that’s why I chose this brand as a comparison to the products I am going to produce. It has 100 built-in stitches which justifies its high price. The machine got a 5-star rating from 77% of customer reviews which means most customers were satisfied with the product. I should also mention that there were 841 customer reviews. The disadvantages of the sewing machine according to customers is the machine not being able to sew through thick layers and getting jammed when attempting to do so. Also, many complained about other problems with the machine and constantly having to service it. One person even mentioned that the machine broke after the first use. As for the advantages, many people commented on the affordable price for the many functions. Others talked about the great features like the easy use of the bobbin compared to other sewing machines. I would make the machine with better technology to ensure customers don’t run into problems like with this model but still keep the price of the machine reasonable. I would also try to fix the problem of not being able to sew thick layers of clothing. I think this product would make a great addition to my company because it’s a great product that has a decent demand. I really believe that selling a sewing machine of great quality at a reasonable price can be profitable.


  1. Hi Arielle,
    I think you did a really good job with the assignment, you could definitely find a way to implement this in your business. If I understand correctly, these would be placed inside your business, which means that the reliability/jamming of the machines could be controlled by having someone on staff at all times that can help repair the machines and have greater knowledge behind advanced settings. I for one would for certain use this service, as I find myself buying new clothes all the time because of small tears or unraveling. Please check out my post here

  2. You did a really good job on the blog post. I would use this service very often because I have a hard time finding clothes that fit because I am 5 feet tall. I love sewing but I hate how much room everything takes up in my room so having a service to where I can do it there would be very handy and highly utilized. This will be most useful in a college town especially because of sororities. Girls often need dresses altered because of events that are happening very soon or socials they need outfits for. You can view my blog post at: