Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Very Short Interview, Part 2

Looking back at my first interview with the entrepreneur, I think the information he gave me was sensible and really applied to entrepreneurship. This course has provided most of what he thought I should have obtained from it. This interview I decided to choose questions that were more personal to the entrepreneur. I was only able to get a phone interview with the entrepreneur and could not record it. These are the questions and answers of the interview.

1) How difficult was it to get your business started?
It was not difficult. I started off working for someone and got many recommendations from side jobs. I finally hired a professional and paid him a fee to register my own business. I then approved the name of the business and searched for real estate trying to get the best bang for my buck. I opened the bank accounts, stocked up the business, and added items to the business one by one. You see the need for a computer, then a scanning machine, and so on.

2) Did you receive any investments from venture capitalists? If not, how did you fund your business?
I funded my business through hard work. It’s something we call job–in where the profits from doing the jobs pour back into the business. I thank God for providing me with profits to not have the need for an investment.

3) What is some advice you can give about being an entrepreneur?
I would say go for it but don’t expect an overnight success. Follow your dreams. Your business has to grow before you can start driving fancy cars and owning a big house.

I felt comfortable talking to the entrepreneur the first interview, and I think he sensed that. The second interview I felt comfortable talking to him as well. Because of this, he did not mention anything about my progress in the class or the second interview.

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  1. Hi Arielle,
    I like the style of your interviewee, not dealing with banks and investors but instead starting off small and working your way up. I have felt this is likely the best way to go because while it may take longer to grow, at least you are out of the gate with out debt and liabilities. This is the way in which I hope to start my business.

    You can check out my second interview here: http://llogsdonent3003.blogspot.com/2016/04/very-short-interview-part-2.html