Sunday, April 10, 2016

Google Gold

I understand the importance of SEO for an entrepreneur’s new company, but I did not have much luck with this exercise. I tried putting in keywords like “tailored” and “all sizes included” when discussing my company in my posts. I selected these keywords based on the name of my business. I figured my business name was going to be the most mentioned in my blog posts. My keywords changed over the semester because I changed my company’s name from ‘All Sizes Included’ to ‘Tailored’ when I did my second idea napkin. 

I didn’t use social media to attract attention to my page, but I did put links of my blog on other student’s pages hoping it will attract traffic to my page. My most viral post is my Idea Napkin No. 2. I think it got the most traffic because it was a well written and detailed post. The idea was innovative and it appealed to many people. I didn’t make it to the first page on Google when I searched “all sizes included” or “tailored”. I really don’t know what page I am on. I tried looking for it on many pages but couldn’t find it on the pages I searched. Most likely it’s on a page really far from the first page.


  1. Hey Arielle. Good job on this post. My experience in this class with SEO was pretty similar to yours. I was not that successful with getting my blog to appear on one of the first pages on Google. I liked your keywords. Nice work! If you are interested check out my “Going for Gold” post by following this link:

  2. Hi Arielle, Great post!
    Your picture really captivated the feeling many of us feel at times, I like it. I really enjoyed how you opened up your business and really figured out a good analysis. You realized you did something incorrectly, and you realized something should change and that is a great entrepreneurial trait.
    If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you checked out my page. I too found things that could be improved in my business.
    You can find it here: