Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The World's Biggest Problems

There are many world problems that people face in different countries. From Syria to United Sates, no country is perfect. This is my list of the 10 biggest problems in the world.

1) Terrorists groups, especially infamous groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, creating chaos in different areas of the world is a prominent world problem. There are many videos surfacing the internet of beheadings done by ISIS.

A solution to the evil of terrorists groups would be accepting refugees who are fleeing from these countries where terrorists are invading, so they won't feel forced to join these groups. Religious leaders can also help deal with this problem by encouraging Muslims to not think radically. This can help against the recruitment of Muslims into these groups. There are also non-religious terrorists.

2) Pollution of all kinds is another world problem. This includes air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. For example, pollution is a huge problem in China because of the many manufacturing companies. The black carbon pollutant in China's atmosphere can cause cancer, heart and lung disease. It can also lead to unwanted climate change.

Pollution can be decreased by recycling, so there would be no need for an abundant amount of manufacturing.

3) Poverty is definitely another big problem of the world, and it's not only in one part of the world. Almost all countries deal with this issue. In poverty-stricken parts of Africa, children are malnourished, and some even die from starvation.

Poverty can be dealt with by starting farming programs that teach poor communities how to plant their own food, so at least that way they won't starve.

4) Another problem that isn't broadcasted on the news frequently is people entering countries illegally, and consequently working and living in horrible conditions. Illegal workers usually get paid less than legal workers, and don't get the benefits of protection from poor working conditions.

Immigration officers should try to help those fleeing their countries more. With assistance from immigration, it would lessen their need to enter countries illegally, and work in unhygienic situations. 

5) Wars cause tragedy to many nations. Wars between nations and civil wars both negatively affect our world today. For example, the Iraq War went on for many years, and caused casualties of both Iraq and the United States militants. An example of a civil war will be the war in Syria that is causing millions to flee Syria.

There should be more of an effort for leaders of every country to be acquainted with each other. Maybe visiting each other's countries, or having a conference with all leaders. It's better to talk things out than to start throwing bombs.

6) Tension between countries are a big problem as this can lead to war. There was tension between the U.S. and Venezuela at one point of time because of policy differences.

Like I said in the previous solution, holding conferences can help with this problem. 

7) Police brutality is another problem in the world, especially in the United States. Not only is police brutality  problematic because it causes harm to the victims of the abuse, but it causes unrest in the nations it affects. In the United States, it can bring up past problems like racism. Also, police brutality sometimes lead to marches and riots.

The United States law enforcement handle suspects brutally. Maybe they can be trained by the European police who I think handle their suspects much better.

8) Depletion of natural resources is another problem we should be concerned with. Our natural resources are being used up and when they are gone, we wouldn't be able to get them back. We are using Earth's natural resource 2 or 3 more times than is sustainable. Our source of fresh water is depleting around the world. Soon the demand will exceed the supply, and we can be living in a world without the basic necessity, water.

Experts say the cause of the depletion of natural resources is the growing population in the world. To prevent depletion of natural resources by this problem, people of the world should try to limit their offsprings to a maximum of 3. 

9) Global warming has been a hot topic for the past few years. The most eye-opening effects of global warming is the rising sea level caused by melting ice sheets. Additionally, global warming can cause us to lose crops, natural vegetation, and animals. Insect pests and diseases may expand as well.

The biggest cause of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide when fossil fuels are burned for energy. A solution to this can be finding a cleaner alternative to burning fossil fuels. 

10) Gun control has been the debate in the United States for the past days. The gun violence caused by terrorists in San Bernardino, California has triggered this debate. Gun violence not only done by terrorists, but by other people in nations, is another bad situation.

Starting programs that explain the seriousness of gun violence can influence both the young and old to put down the guns, and do something more productive with their life. 


  1. Not surprisingly, our Top 10 contains many of the same items. Interestingly, our solutions for the terrorism problem are quite similar. I too, believe that religious leaders should outwardly reject extreme teachings. But also, followers of the same faith must be brave enough to protest and reject those teachings and we don't hear enough about that.

    I feel that gun violence is also a problem but violent behavior is the root cause, not a lack of understanding. People who want to kill will find a way. When they believe it is right, as terrorists do, it creates an extremely dangerous situation for all. To some degree, your solution to the terrorist problem may also alleviate some of the gun violence.

    Good post. Here is a link to mine:

  2. Arielle you and I were spot on with the first world problem with terrorism. The chaos has to be addressed and evil must be destroyed. I agree with your solution to allow refugees to escape so they don’t lose hope and end up becoming radicalized. In addition, getting with Islamic religious leaders to try and educate young Muslims that terror is not the path to go down. I think your approach is a very rational one. Great job. Feel free to check out my blog at