Sunday, January 31, 2016

Customer Interviews No. 1

The potential opportunity I have is creating a store that caters to all sizes of clothing because sometimes people can't find clothes that can fit them, especially someone that's small like me. I'm not sure if the stores run out of the extra small and extra large sizes, but most times when I go to the store I can never find clothes that are extra small or extra big. My store would restock on all sizes no matter how small or large.

The typical person who has the problem of not finding clothes to fit them is someone that is too small or too big for the average clothing store.

The questions I asked customers were:

1) What is your favorite clothing store?
2) What is the worst part of your shopping experience?
3) Can you usually find your size when you go to the store?

I am interviewing customers to decide if my opportunity is truly one that exists. Here are audio recordings of the interviews:


I think my idea is still great because many people can’t find their size and clothes they want when they go shopping.
I learned that interviewing customers was more difficult than I thought. Some customers were not willing to do the interview, and I was nervous. I did manage to get a few customers to answer the questions. The location of the interview is important when deciding to interview customers. The next time I will go to a different location. This location wasn’t the best to get customers to answer my questions.


  1. Arielle - I think that's a really interesting idea, and a good point. I usually have problems finding jeans in the right size, it's a huge pain. When interviewing customers, I preferred to stay on-campus (which you can read at my blog, because I think college students are more understanding of these assignments and are also a target demographic for a lot of things.

  2. Arielle, I like the idea that you have for your opportunity because it is something that is going on! My suggestion would be to come up with different questions because I don't believe knowing the store they like or the worst part of shopping will help you develop your idea. Also try and narrow down your demographic, it will help you find a trend that can help you build your idea. It takes a lot of guts to interview people so good for you for being able to do it!

  3. Finding people to interview can be tough I agree. I like your topic as well clothing is a pretty basic commodity and it should be something easy to find for all sizes of people. In order to tackle the problem more efficiently maybe incorporate online shopping and more questions, good luck