Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Elevator Pitch No. 1

 This is my first Elevator Pitch. I was really excited about creating a business idea, and trying to sell that idea to someone.
The opportunity I am targeting is not having many sizes to choose from in clothing stores. The solution is pretty simple, and that is to include all sizes of clothing so that everyone can enjoy a top or pants they like. The name of my store is going to be called All Sizes Included, and that’s exactly what is going to be in the store. Thanks for watching!!



  1. Hi Arielle! Great job on the elevator pitch. I liked how you were presentable and chose to open with a lot of facts on the sizes. It enhanced your pitch. Also, I enjoyed how enthusiastic you were when talking. Your elevator pitch was clear and concise. This enhanced the overall presentation of your opportunity! You can see my elevator pitch here:

  2. Hi Arielle,

    Good job on your pitch. It’s a pretty good idea but do you think you can beat the popularity of the internet shopping? You can basically find anything in any size there. Other than that, you might want to think about eliminating unnecessary body movements and doing a little bit more hand gestures. I liked the enthusiasm and I think you’re off to a good start!

  3. Hey Arielle! Great job with the pitch. I have definitely been shopping and been bummed to find out the store did not carry my size. You did a good job making me relate to the issue. You exuded a lot of confidence in your pitch: again, great job!

    Thanks for sharing! Here's a link to my pitch in case you want to check it out.

  4. Hey Arielle, Great job with the pitch! Overall for doing the pitch itself I think you should try to just use your hands when moving and not your entire body. As for making money your product would eventually do good if you are truly into it! Best of luck and my blog is here -