Saturday, February 6, 2016

Interviewing Customers No. 2

Fine tune your opportunity. 
My opportunity has now been tweaked to creating a store that caters to all sizes of clothing using the alpha sizing system, which is a system that uses sizes like S, M and L instead of numbers.

Fine tune the "who."
The last time I didn’t talk to a variety of customers. This time I chose customers who were in a clothing store or outside close to the store. I chose customers of different age groups. Also, I chose customers of both sexes since I wanted to create a store where both males and females can go in the store and get clothes in their size.

Tweaking your interview questions.
This time I asked more questions specific to the alpha sizing system I am going to use in my store. The last time I asked only three simple questions, and this time I asked five in depth questions.

Tell us what you learned about the opportunity.
I think my idea is still a great idea. I tweaked it a little from the last time, but I still think it can benefit a lot of people who struggle with finding their size.

Tell us what you learned about interviewing customers. 
If I can give three tips for students about interviewing customers, it would be:

1) Be friendly – People are more willing to do the interview if they don’t feel intimidated
2) Be understanding if the customer can’t do the interview – Don’t be upset or offended if the customer can’t do the interview
3) Familiarize yourself with the questions before you start asking them – It’s always good to know what you are going to say before you say it

These are the responses I got when I interviewed customers.



  1. Hi Arielle! I really enjoy your idea and I see how that can really help make shopping easier. I know I personally always struggle to figure out what size I am at different stores since everywhere seems to number differently. Your suggestions were also helpful and are definitely things future students should remember!

  2. Arielle-
    I like your idea, but I would tweak it a bit so that it is “A, B, C…” rather than small, medium, and large. I don’t really fit in one of those sizes, but some areas do, so it can be difficult for people with different figures. I thought that you knew your questions well, and hopefully you got the answers you needed.
    I did not write my own post to this, but you can check out my first one:
    Thanks! Katherine Wallace

  3. Arielle,

    I love this idea because I can never find my right size! I do agree with Kate though because while numbers are even harder when it comes to sizes, especially when you're right in between two numbers, but people also have this struggle with small medium larges. Great idea though, I think this could do really well!

    Take a look at my idea!