Monday, February 8, 2016

Idea Napkin No. 1

1) You. I am a Finance major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I don’t really have any talents, but I am an athletic person. I don’t know if that counts. My skills and experiences include working at retail stores in the past, and working well with computers. I have aspirations to be successful in the business world. I’m not sure exactly where I am going to end up, but I do love Business and Finance. If I was to start this business, it would be a great opportunity. I will enjoy strategizing for the business, but I will probably need help because I am not very knowledgeable in Business as yet.

2) What are you offering to customers? I am offering customers the opportunity to go to the store, see something they like, and be able to find their size in that piece of clothing. Some people have trouble with finding their size because they may not be the average body size.

3) Who are you offering it to? My store wouldn’t have a specific demographic. It would be open to everyone in the public. There will be clothes for children, adults, men and women. I don’t really see specific psychographic characteristics for the customer either. 

4) Why do they care? I think customers will pay to use my product because it is a big problem in society, and it is related to body image issues in the media. They would pay money to get clothes in their size instead of choosing from few clothes that can fit them.

5) What are your core competencies? I don’t believe there is a store like the one I want to create. I already have a competitive advantage because there is no other store like mine.
I think these elements fit together well in my business plan. I have a great problem that I am trying to solve. I don’t think there are any elements that are weak at all. I still agree with my business idea, and I think it will be successful.


  1. You got me, I relate to this so much! I am tall and I have long arms and legs, I can't find one store that caters to all my needs. I have to buy clothing the next size up that doesn't fit me but does have the length I need. Your idea will cater to all people! Also perhaps you can have sections in your store for people of different body types. I know this sounds strange but within those sections you can have clothing that looks best for certain body types (dressing your body type- like on pinterest they have diagrams). I know for myself I struggle with this because I don't know what's best or looks good clothing wise for tall people.

    Here is my Page:

  2. Hey Arielle,
    Thanks for sharing your business idea! I'm still kind of confused as to what separates you from others. You're speaking of a store where you can buy clothes that fit different body types, but don't regular stores have that?.... If you go to JC Penney, they have sizes S-2XL, plus a Big & Tall section for men and a petite section for women. I think your target population is far too general to be successful. Here is the link to my Idea Napkin!

  3. Hi Arielle. Your idea is great. Although I am kind of confused to the type of product that you are proposing I am looking forward to the development of this idea. It is very useful. Maybe you can target a smaller target for farther success. Below id my blog for read of your convenience.