Thursday, February 18, 2016

Free Money

In this exercise, I will be going to a retail store to give away free money. I am going to approach different types of people no matter the gender, age or ethnicity. My approach to starting the conversation is to greet the persons and give them the dollar. I am honestly very nervous to walk up to people, and give them a dollar. My plan for the conversation is go the generous route where I explain that I feel generous that day and then give the dollar. I think I can give away all five dollars. People don’t seem to be too snobbish at Walmart to deny a dollar.

Here are the two videos I recorded:

I was able to give most of the five people my dollar. Giving away the dollar was more difficult than I initially thought it was going to be. My predictions were a bit inaccurate because I thought I would be able to give away all the dollars, but I wasn’t able to give away all in five trials. I think some people didn’t want to accept the dollar because they weren’t sure if it was a scam, or probably they didn’t like the idea of taking money from others. I didn’t really make any assumptions about the people I was going to interview. I simply went up to them and started talking. I enjoyed this experience. The people who accepted the dollar was very thankful, and pleased to receive it. They even wished me a good luck with school.


  1. Great job Arielle. Along with you, I was also very nervous to go up to random people and ask them to just take a dollar bill. People seemed to be very confused by it. However, I think you did a great job in your videos and made people actually think you wanted to give them the dollar. Check out mine here-

  2. I enjoyed watching your videos! I thought it was interesting that the man in the first video asked what the camera is for. I think this is something that would definitely be alarming to me if someone random walked up to me and handed me money for no reason. Great job on this assignment!

  3. Hi Arielle,

    You were very brave to go to a Walmart and do this! You definitely see some out-of-the-ordinary people at these stores, so the fact that you did not care about how awkward it could have been was cool. I believe you did a good job at not reveling why you were giving away money. The guy in the first video almost made you spill it out though! Ha ha. Good job overall!

  4. Going to Wal-Mart seemed like a good strategy. I'd imagine the people who shop there are a little thriftier and would appreciate a dollar more than someone who shops at Trader Joes. I think you should've worked on what you were going to say ahead of time more, because it all kind of seemed improvised which made it a little awkward. But I guess it worked out anyway. Good job! And here's the link to my blog

  5. Hey Arielle,
    I completely understand how nervous you were. I definitely didn't want to walk up to strangers just to hand them a dollar. My experience was similar in that not all the people were eager to take money from me. I had people question my motives because it is a strange thing for someone to just hand out free money. It was also weird filming them without like telling them why. People seem to be more suspicious when a camera is involved, but I don't blame them. We're supposed to put our blogs in the comments so here's mine