Saturday, February 13, 2016

Customer Interviews No. 3

1) Describe your interviewing strategy. The questions I am going to ask the customers are:
a) What is your favorite clothing store?
b) What is the worst part of your shopping experience?
c) Can you usually find your size when you go to the store?
d) If no, what do you do to combat this problem?
e) What do you think about the alpha sizing system?

Like the last customer interviews, I targeted customers in clothing stores. I also interviewed customers that were both sexes and no particular size. The interview strategy I used was similar to the one I used the last time.

2) Conduct the interviews. 


3) Reflect on what you learned. I have learned a lot from interviewing customers. The thing that surprised me the most was that more people can find their sizes than I thought. It seems to be only customers who are really small or really big that have a problem with finding their size. I may have found a niche from these interviews, but I am not sure if targeting only small and big sizes is going to be profitable.


  1. Arielle, first of all great job asking good questions in your interviews. I like that you had someone else record your interviews so that we can see you interact with the customers. I think that your opportunity idea is actually a good one. I don't know if you have considered this but besides small and big sizes being your target market you should consider tall and short people as well. There is nothing more frustrating for me as a shopper than to find a shirt I like and it be the right size but the length isn't good for me because I am tall. The pants are either too short or the sleeves are too short and then I have to buy a size up which is too baggy on me. You may have a market here in the height category you may have not considered. You can check out my blog here:

  2. I think your interviews were great. I also think targeting only those who are ignored by general sizing systems is profitable, because it is a relatively untapped market who may be willing to pay more to buy products they can trust will actually fit them. Maybe you should ask them if they would consider paying more for such a service/product in the future.

  3. Hi Arielle,
    There was a lot of ambient noise going on in the store you chose, and your cameraman wasn't close enough in some of the interviews, so it was somewhat hard for me to make out some of your interviews and what your customers were saying. I am glad you listed your questions in the blog post though, because then I could follow along better. I do think maybe asking just a few more questions would have given you more solid feedback, but other than that I love the fact that you agreed both genders and all sizes because that really helps with the feedback portion. Good job!

    Here's a link to mine: