Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Half-way Reflection

Tenaciousness is a skill. What are the behaviors that you have used (or developed) to keep up with the requirements of this course? 
I kept up with the requirements of this course by making sure I work ahead of the due dates on the assignments. I also read ahead on the requirements of the assignments days before I attempt them to make sure I can average how much time it takes to complete the assignments. Some assignments can take a day while others take a few hours. 

2) Tenaciousness is also about attitude. Talk about a moment or two when you felt like "giving up." What pulled you through? Do you feel like you've developed a tenacious attitude during the past two months? What experience or experiences most contributed to this?
I haven’t felt like giving up yet, but it did have a time where I had to do a very challenging assignment. I pulled through the assignment by contacting the professor, and we came to the conclusion of a solution to the problem I had in an assignment. I went through with the plan and succeeded with the assignment. You always have to try different alternatives to get to your goal if it seems unreachable. I do feel like a developed a tenacious attitude over the past two months because this course has required me to do constant assignments over the week period instead of just one day a week. This is a big task because I have to organize my life around the ENT3003 due dates.

3) Three tips. What are three tips you would offer next semester's student about (1) fostering the skills that support tenacity and (2) developing the 'tenacious mindset'?
1) Be prepared to work hard and do many assignments
2) Work ahead of due dates to make sure you complete assignments on time
3) Just relax and enjoy the experience of the course.


  1. Arielle,

    I too believe that you should work ahead to be more relaxed with this course. Overall, it can be overwhelming with the amount of assignments that we have, but like you said - you haven't felt like giving up and neither have I because at least the assignments are doable. I also liked the picture that you included. It reminds me of the quote, "fake it until you make it." Frankly, I believe that applies to everything in life because you should always believe in yourself before others believe in you.

    Here is the link to my half-way reflection:

  2. Great advice working ahead and reading the assignments before their due minimum of a week in advance allows me to keep up with course although it is much more laid back which gives you the most positive experience. All I would add is be prepared to get assignments that ask for extreme social contact, just you asking strangers random question and record it all because it wan't hard enough already. Check out my blog reflection at http://mrdreaces.blogspot.com/2016/02/half-way-reflection.html