Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elevator Pitch No. 2

1) The pitch.

2) A reflection on the feedback you received from your last pitch.
I agreed with all the feedback I got on my last elevator pitch. Most people liked my idea, but thought I should stop moving my body and use my hands more.

3) What did you change, based on the feedback?
I tried really hard to stop moving around, and use more hand gestures. I didn’t realize that moving around was part of my mannerism. That was the only thing I changed about my elevator pitch.


  1. Hi Arielle,

    Your idea is a very interesting one! I've heard of stores targeted towards bigger sizes but the idea of a store with clothing appealing to both sides of the spectrum (very large or very small) and in between is new to me.

    Somethings to consider:
    1.) You mentioned two different sizing systems during the course of your elevator pitch. While I do believe it's useful to explain how your store would use a different sizing system that what is in place in other stores, I'd advise against using the specific name of the sizing systems (since they'll only serve to confuse). Keep it as simple as possible.
    2.) I'd recommend practicing a little more and avoid using a "cheat sheet" if you are using one currently. While practice takes time and effort it's really unavoidable when it comes to elevator pitches. The more practice you do the less pauses you'll have to make and the more natural your pitch will look.

    Feel free to check out my elevator pitch! I focused on a phone app similar to craigslist but targeted towards college students


  2. Arielle, I absolutely LOVE your idea! I'm going to be completely honest I use to weight 256lbs. At that time I couldn't find anything cute to wear that would fit me. Now I have gotten my weight down to the 170's and I'm still working towards getting more in shape. Even with all my weight loss, clothing shopping is still hard. I thought larger women had a hard time finding clothes but now after being smaller I realize that this problem is a problem that all women different sizes experience. I really think you did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed your presentation, your pitch, and all. Great work!! Keep it up girl! check out my post! http://juliannacaroline25.blogspot.com/2016/02/elevator-pitch-noo-2.html

  3. Hi Arielle,

    Interesting idea. Have you thought about the reasons why companies to not keep many different clothing sizes in stock? From what knowledge I know, the reason is demand. Clothing stores do not want to use floor space to stock items which rarely sell. I liked your elevator pitch, and think you need to keep running with this idea to flesh it out more. Good adjustments from last elevator pitch!
    Check out my blog here at: http://jrozent3003.blogspot.com/2016/02/elevator-pitch-no-2.html

  4. Hey Arielle,

    This is a very interesting idea. I think a big factor that needs to be taken in consideration is the arrangement of clothes. With so many clothing sizes it may be hard to keep inventory of and also keep it organized. Also, take in consideration the various cost of getting so many clothes in supply. Regardless I think you did a great job using the feedback that you received!

    If you have the time, you should check out my post!