Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 2 Reading Reflection

1) What was the biggest surprise for you in the reading? In other words, what did you read that stood out the most as different from your expectations? 

I read the first chapter of our entrepreneurship book, "Entrepreneurship: Theory, Practice, and Theory". This chapter is an introductory chapter, and explains what entrepreneurship is. The biggest surprise in the reading for me is the great difference between small-business owners and entrepreneurs. Before the reading, I thought they were both the same thing. Small-business owners are seen as managers of small businesses, while entrepreneurs are seen as innovators, and associated with growth of their business.

2) Identify at least one part of the reading that was confusing to you.

One part of the reading that was confusing to me was the words written under the heading, "The Displacement School of Thought". The writing says that the displacement school of thought focuses on the negative side of group phenomena. In this case, I am not sure who is in the group they are referring to. I am guessing the book is referring to the competitors of the entrepreneur.

3) If you were able to ask two questions to the author, what would you ask? Why?

If I can ask two questions to the author, the first one would be what his definition of entrepreneurship is? I would ask this because the book has many definitions of entrepreneurship given by many professionals, and I want to know what is the author's definition based on his expertise. Another question would be what degree does he have, if any? I would ask this question because I am curious what level of degree he has to write a book on entrepreneurship. 

4) Was there anything you think the author was wrong about? Where do you disagree with what she or he said? How?

No, I don't suspect the author wrote anything that was wrong. However, I am not an expert in entepreneurship, and I am now learning about the principles of entrepreneurship. If the was any inaccuracy in the book, I would not notice it.

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