Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 5 World Problems

This is a list of my top 5 problems and top 5 solutions of the world through a feasibility analysis.

      1) Terrorism 

2) Wars

3) Poverty

4) Global Warming

5) Depletion of natural resources

1) A solution to the evil of terrorists groups would be accepting refugees who are fleeing from these countries where terrorists are invading, so they won't feel forced to join these groups. Religious leaders can also help deal with this problem by encouraging Muslims to not think radically. This can help against the recruitment of Muslims into these groups.

2) There should be more of an effort for leaders of every country to be acquainted with each other. Maybe visiting each other’s countries, or having a conference with all leaders. It's better to talk things out than to start throwing bombs.

3)  Poverty can be dealt with by starting farming programs that teach poor communities how to plant their own food, so at least that way they won't starve.

4)  The biggest cause of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide when fossil fuels are burned for energy. A solution to this can be finding a cleaner alternative to burning fossil fuels.

5) Experts say the cause of the depletion of natural resources is the growing population in the world. To prevent depletion of natural resources by this problem, people of the world should try to limit their offsprings to a maximum of 3.

I chose to rank the top 5 problems starting with terrorism because I think that it is the biggest threat to the world right now. Unexpected bombs going off all over the world is a terrifying and dangerous matter going on in our world today. Terrorists are striking fear in people all over the world because no one really knows where they are going to hit next. Striking fear in nations is part of their goal. 

I chose the top feasible solution as fighting the war on terrorism because I truly believe that fighting the radical idea is the easiest solution on this list. If there is no one to join these terrorist groups, they would not survive. The environmental problems are a little harder to solve because they require more people to take action. For example, they require mothers to have less births, and many people to cut back on polluting the environment. 


  1. I'm glad to see that you did customize the look of your blog. It's nice to see something different. I agree terrorism is a problem, though I didn't put it on my top 5 list. Even though it is a problem, I felt that outside of the regions the groups are based out of, terrorism doesn't cause a whole lot of issues. I don't mean It isn't awful when it happens, just that it doesn't directly affect everyone something like climate change does. You can see my list in the link below.

  2. Hi, Arielle. I definitely agree with you that the presence of war is a major world issue. You solution certainly seems to be the most straight-forward approach in resolving the conflict between nations, but the issues are just too complex, unfortunately. How amazing would it be for a simple effort of communication to abolish the long-standing hostilities? People's cultures, beliefs, personal-desires and ambitions are so strong that talking things out probably isn't too feasible. Maybe we'll get there someday. How wonderful would that be! #worldpeace. Great post! Check out mine here:

  3. Hello Arielle, I enjoyed reading your blog. I do find that the idea of the fight against terrorism and war is one that should be waged. I did not include war and terrorism in my top ten list, however I’m not against your choices. I do like that you included more global issues that are affects everyone such as global warming and the depletion of natural resources. You should check out my post on the subject